DELTA 9.net is a community focused around electronic music and multimedia arts.

We’ve been active online since 2001 but the DELTA 9 collective started life in Nottingham in 1998 when a group of friends decided to kick-start the ailing party scene. From 2000-2005 DELTA 9 grew into a large community of DJs, promoters, artists, and others involved in the underground party scene in London, Nottingham and across the UK, organising club nights, parties, radio and online activities.

In September 2004 the DELTA 9 Plastics label launched. The debut release – Plastic Volume 1 – is a collection of exclusive material and classic tracks from DELTA 9’s rising stars and some of the outstanding artists we have worked with over the years – namely Paul Blackford, Posthuman, Debasser, Bloq, Smilex, SP, Line & Stone 3.