The early days

DELTA 9 was conceived in May/June 1998. It began life simply as a name for a house party planned by a group of good mates who decided to put on a party the likes of which no-one in Nottingham student land had seen before.

Once the venue had been decided upon (a large, 6-bedroom student house on Park Road, Lenton) all that remained was to get the infrastructure in place. The vision for the party was largely influenced by house parties in the North London area, where Reggae sound systems were hired, bars laden with alcohol, flyers printed and carefully distributed to similarly inclined persons.

A local sound system agreed to lend their rig for the night – plenty for 3 rooms of music. The D-9 crew sorted out the rest; décor throughout the building, a covered UV patio area and a bar (with some overkill on the amount of beer acquired). The party was a resounding success, lasting long into the next day. There was a certain element of disbelief that it had worked so well.

In the subsequent years, rented accommodation was sought with party capacity firmly in mind. D-9 really gained momentum with the Denman St Parties (DELTA 9 II, DELTA 9 June 1999) – no immediate neighbours, a ‘ghetto’ location, and perfect building layout. Word of mouth publicity ensured that noise levels, intoxicant consumption, reputation, and crowd numbers soared. By this time, budding D-9 DJs were gaining confidence and skills. Most parties were a bass-heavy affair, soundtracked by hip-hop, DnB, reggae and techno. Tastes diversified with time to include more techno, house and electro.

The venue switched from Denman St to The Park Estate, which, whilst lacking the ‘ghetto’ vibe, was an ace house – three labyrinthine floors, a huge cellar, and a secluded location. After a few warm-up parties it was all systems go for the Millennium eve. The party was four days in the making – all needs catered for with 5 rooms of music, décor everywhere, a luxurious chill out room, and our very own personal (Nottingham Council) Fireworks display directly overhead when the chimes went. Three nights later most people were still there.

As people’s University careers came to a close, the crew spread out across the world (ok they mostly buggered off to London), and continued to collaborate. Through the early-mid noughties, our website went from strength to strength, becoming an important destination for the online electronic music community, hosting event listings, mix downloads and reviews. The then DELTA 9 DJs – Suzie Sparkle, Aled Jones, Dan Mumford, Alex Newson and Sam Bishop – continued to build their reputation as purveyors of finely crafted electronics, rudeboy to robot, in the cities of Cambridge, Nottingham, London, Oxford and Brighton.


Special D-9 shouts to all the crew that have helped out with those early parties: Sam, Kimber, Bambos, Aftab, Colin, Lil’ Ems, Jenny, Filthy Tom, Big Tom, Bongo Ben, Missing Link, Mikee Parker, Cranney, Claire-E, Nicky, Helen, Caz, Neil, Dave, Rob, Phil, Seachange, Ravetap, Highness Sound System, Tentorian Sound System, Nick Maxwell, MC-90, DJ Earthpipe. And everybody else too many to mention…