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Adam "RoBoY Braiken" Aiken or just simply "braiken" has a life story which reads like a modern day adaptation of Pinocchio. Braiken was born as the result of an experiment to replace the insides of a dead child with some old electronic circuit boards and bits of machinery, helped along with some vampire blood.

Braiken founded RaveTap / Robot Music with Jimmy Bolus and T Smilex in 2002 over a shared love of of the electro music that was coming out at the time: Lowfish, Skanfrom, radioactive man, DMX Krew etc. The so-called 3 Amigos of Electro put on nights in warehouses, at The District in Hackney (RIP), Public Life, Clockwork, The Key and other venues around London. Then, they joined Delta 9 and the rest is history...

Braiken finally hung up his headphones in 2008. These days he's more inclined to listen to metal or country but sometimes you'll find him blowing the dust off of his favourite Skanfrom record and giving it a spin.

adam's stuff

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