Suzie is the DELTA 9 webmaster and has been a driving force of DELTA 9 since the moment of its inception in 1999. She was a DELTA 9 DJ, going by the alias of 'Sparkle', and can still be persuaded to play the odd set (especially if it's minimal techo in a warehouse). These days she's busy with her day job as a senior user-experience designer, and when she's not doing that she's designing knitwear over at It's a Stitch Up.

Profile from 2004:

"As a core member of the DELTA 9 crew Sparkle was heavily involved in organising their early Nottingham house parties and it was this that tempted her to try her hand on the decks. She made her debut in June 1999 in a DELTA 9 chillout room - providing an antidote to Jungle/Drum & Bass that dominated the scene at that time.

Her then unique selection of ambient electronica, hip-hop and 60s psychedelia proved popular enough to gain her numerous party bookings, swiftly followed by a weekly residency at the notorious Lenton club (in the heart of Nottingham student land) just 3 months after her first appearance. Sparkle's atypical track selection, intuitive mixing and resolute attitude won her regular slots at Nottingham venues including The Bomb.

Currently based in London, Sparkle co-hosts DELTA 9's weekly radio show on WWFM, runs the DELTA 9 Plastics label, helps organise DELTA 9's London events, and looks after DELTA 9's website as well as maintaining a hectic DJ schedule. Though now, having focused more on electro and minimal techno she's probably better known for rocking the dancefloor than getting headz nodding.

Her guest DJ and radio appearances in the UK and abroad include appearing on Ninja Tune's Solid Steel show, opening at the 2002 Warp Christmas rave at Aquarium, playing at the Dedbeat Festival 2003 and at Seed Records' infamous Tube Station parties, and holding residencies at Spectrum ZX - Kinky Voodoo's legendary West End electro night - and Bang Face. She has played alongside artists including Cylob, Ed DMX, Strictly Kev, Plaid, Cursor Miner, Intricate, Person, Ardisson, Posthuman, Paul Blackford, Kschzt, Gescom DJs, Machine Drum, Debasser, Lektrogirl..."

Suzie's stuff

LJ Kruzer – Miami Nooch (Uncharted Audio)
Wagon Christ – Sorry I Make You Lush (Ninja Tune)
Waxfactor – The Game Face (Needlework)
Sixtoo – Chewing On Glass And Other Miracle Cures (Ninja Tune)
Baselogic Sampler
Two Lone Swordsmen – From The Double Gone Chapel (Warp)
Ascoltare vs Keith – Drugs (Dubbel)
Normal Position – Boyfriend’s Car (Deep-Water)
Kettel – Look At This! Ha Ha Ha! (Kracfive)
Posthuman – Lagrange Point (Seed Records)