Bobby Corridor – The Man In The Moon

Material – Eternal Drift
Eric B & Rakim – No Competition
Bonobo – D Song
Defcon II – Have You Seen Her
Ammoncontact – Cruisin’
Prefuse 73 – Storm Returns
Anti-Pop Consortium – Silver Heat
Awol One – Skye
Xela – Japanese Whispers
Boogie Down Productions – Word from Our Sponsor (Instrumental)
Baby Mammoth – Frank’s Angels
Amad Jamal – Rennaisance (Instrumental)
Troubleneck Brothers – Back to the Hip Hop (Acapella)
Mobb Deep – Clap (Instrumental)
Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt. 2 (Instrumental)
X Clan – Verbs of Power
Meanest Man Contest – So Glad
Boards of Canada – Smokes Quantity
Boogie Down Productions – Poetry
Hrvatski – Echoes
Cyne – Enoch’s Interlude
Chris Biscuit – Rhymes to Kill (Acapella)
Daddy Kev – Curveballin’
MC Lyte – I Can’t Make a Mistake (Acapella)
Positive K – It’s All Gravy (Instrumental)


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27 April 2004

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