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The first brand-new mix since DELTA 9.net relaunched, and who better to deliver it than Uncharted Audio label boss, Kone-R. Listen out for the exclusive preview from Posthuman’s ‘Europa Sky’, out on Uncharted Audio on 10″ vinyl and digital on 1 February 2010.

Suzie says: Stunning, melodic, hypnotic, timeless techno, glued together by an expert. I’m going to call this the best mix of the year, which right now, would be selling it short, but I’m convinced it will still be true in 6 months.

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download MP3, 83 mins, 111.2 MB 


  1. Patrice Scott – ‘Deep Again’ (Curle)
  2. Anton Zap – ‘Everyday Could Be Like DIZ (Lil Nervous Mix)’ (Underground Quality)
  3. Motor City Drum Ensemble – ‘Stuttgart Nights’ (Quintessentials)
  4. Baby Ford – ‘Westway’ (Autoreply)
  5. Lerosa & Donato Dozzy – ‘Gas Snake’ (Apnea)
  6. Emptyset – ‘Beyond’ (Caravan)
  7. Audion – ‘It’s Full Of Blinding Light’ (Spectral Sound)
  8. Marcus Mixx – ‘House Flash Back (Original Mix)’ (Streetfire)
  9. B.D.I. – ‘Industrial Kites’ (Rush Hour)
  10. Jeff Mills – ‘Protector’ (Axis)
  11. Ugandan Methods – ‘Untitled’ (Downwards)
  12. Ancient Methods – ‘Untitled’ (Ancient Methods)
  13. Alex Cortex – ‘Soliton (Alex Cortex’ Original Mix)’ (Pomelo)
  14. Donor/Truss – ‘Abbott (Original Mix)’ (Synewave)
  15. Posthuman – ‘Europa Sky (Cyan341 Mix)’ (Uncharted Audio)
  16. Kirk Degiorgio – ‘Pugnaxian Wisdom’ (B12)
  17. Tevo Howard – ‘Move’ (Hour House Is Your Rush)


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5 January 2010


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