Sparkle – Solid Steel Mix

This mix was broadcast on Ninjatune’s Solid Steel radio show on 9 December 2002 with a spoken word intro added by Strictly Kev. This version is the original without the intro, recorded in March 2002. It’s a Ninja influenced selection of abstract hip-hop with a glitchy electronic twist.

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First published: 20 January 2003


  1. Miles Davis – Bitches Brew (Colombia)
  2. Disflex6 – The Cliffs (Sub-level Epedemic)
  3. Amon Tobin – Easy Muffin (Ninjatune)
  4. Machine Drum – Wishbone Be Broken (Merck)
  5. Push Button Objects – Lockligger (Schematic)
  6. Hidden Library – (Unknown) (Hidden Library)
  7. DJ Krush – Shin-sekai (Mowax)
  8. Anti-pop Consortium – Driving In Circles (75 Arc)
  9. Leila – Three (XL)
  10. Boards Of Canada – Amo Bishop Roden (Warp)
  11. Push Button Objects – Nonexistant (Gescom Mix) (Chocolate Industries)
  12. Dangermouse and Jemini – Don’t Do Drugs (Lex)


  1. Anon E. Mouse says:

    Hi. Just wanted to say that over a decade later, this is still one of the most enduring mixes in my collection. Mostly timeless, and so wonderfully complex and emotional. Really just well done on this. Best of luck in all your current and future endeavors.

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