Site relaunch: The facts

Ten things you need to know…

  1. The DELTA 9 site you knew and loved has gone, but don’t be sad, we’re back with a new one!
  2. It’s been over four years since the old site was active
  3. Version 2.0 aims to brings you audio, video, and features representing the best in electronic music and multimedia arts
  4. Start by checking out our mix downloads – we’ve launched with a few editors’ picks from the DELTA 9 archives but we have nearly 5GB waiting to be shared with you as high-bitrate MP3
  5. As well as archive classics, were busy finding you brand new mixes, live sets and exclusive tracks from our favourite DJs and producers
  6. Expect brand new regular features like The Adventures of Roboy
  7. Subscribe to our RSS feed or follow delta9_ on Twitter to be the first to know when new stuff gets added
  8. Our community of contributors includes many familiar faces but we’re welcoming some newcomers
  9. Version 2.0 took over 2 months to build – read how and why we did it: Site relaunch: The tech stuff
  10. This site is for you: Get involved. Comment on stuff. Tell us what you think.

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29 November 2009

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