Alter Ego – Rocker (Klang Elektronik)

Caned at this year’s Sónar festival – much like ‘Sunglasses At Night’ was 2 years ago – ‘Rocker’ might just be this summer’s big tune. It goes without saying that this is a long way from the dark end of Klang’s spectrum that brought us those seminal Il.ek.tro 12s in 1998.

‘Rocker’ kicks off with a precise beat and squelching bassline, cemented with sparse German production. Alter Ego tease us with fake build-ups and cheeky tasters before letting the thrashy synth melody kick in. Fashion changes fast and this isn’t a track to stand the test of time, but it’s bound to get everyone dancing in the mean time.

On the B side there’s melodic reconstruction by Blackstrobe – although it points towards the more commercial dancefloor, there’s some great electronic elements and it’s every bit as catchy as the original.


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1 July 2004

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