Amen Andrews – Volume 3 (Rephlex)

Luke Vibert has put his heart and soul, and everything else he could find into the AA side ‘Junglebunny’. Heaps of samples (including distorted mentasm screeches and that unmistakable jungle alarm sound) swarm over the gnarled bassline and a barely audible reggae break. There’s almost too much going on in this frenzied track, its redeeming feature is the faultless moment when the immortal words “Get mashup” ring out to signal the first drop.

With its rave stabs and a cleverly chopped up vocal sample ‘Babylon’ pulls together a variety of elements more coherently than ‘Junglebunny’. Although the bassline is unexceptional, Vibert’s originality is evident in the rhythm section where he’s added tinkling noises and congas.

Hiding at the end of the A side, the epic ‘Thameslick’ provides the perfect antidote to previous chaos. Every aspect of this track has been impeccably executed, from the strikingly original amen reconstruction to the perfect vocal sample and darkcore stabs.

If each release in the series had to be summed up in just one word, for Vol 01 it would be “rude”, 02 “twisted” and for this volume has to be “frantic”.

All this leaves us none the wiser as to what Luke Vibert’s got up his sleeve for the last 2 EPs in the series. There’s something indefinably inimitable about Luke Vibert’s style. Impressively, he’s managed to innovate while using an array of familiar samples and one of the most commonly used breaks in dance music.


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16 July 2003

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