Amen Andrews – Volume 2 (Rephlex)

After checking out the first in the series it seems only right and proper to cover the next 2 instalments from Luke Vibert’s latest drum & bass incarnation…

The first track on this volume ‘DX’ lulls you into a false sense of security with some jungle style noises, but before you know it you’re caught in an almost incomprehensible beat pattern that seems to have a mind of its own. Luke Vibert’s talent for making drastic changes in mood sound effortless is evident on this track as it flows from pure amens to bouncy synth hooks.

A cheekily timestretched “…F**kin’ shiiiiiiiiit” can’t fail to raise a smile but ‘Blomen’ gets a whole lot more serious when the ferocious drum programming kicks in. Classic jungle samples and distinctive Vibert sounds are melted down and forged into something fresh and beautiful.

The same can be said for ‘Amen Renegade’ – only Luke Vibert could get away with putting a sea-side organ next to “Original rudeboy…” samples and a beat this twisted! As its title suggests this track has torn down all boundaries for the amen break. If Luke was sticking to a more traditional DnB formula for Vol. 01, he has scrapped that for this release and he’s making up his own rules.


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16 July 2003

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