Automat – Instrospection (SCSI-AV)

This latest release from the mysterious Automat is another slice of neo-electro on SCSI-AV. This label has put out some exceptional electro from artists such as Silicon Scally and Scape One, so quality is pretty much guaranteed and quality both in style and content is what we get here.

Kicking off this 4-tracker is ‘Hardware’ which has quite an old-school electro vibe to start, with eastern-flavoured leads and stacatto pads. But the detuned, aquatic, almost Drexciyan bass takes this tune up a notch and defines a signature sound for Automat. Indeed throughout this EP, the bass is the most outstanding element.

Second track ‘Nematod’ maintains this bass-heavy pressure and the clinical production whilst slowing the pace down slightly.

Flip over for the dark monstrousness of ‘Phase 1’. This layers a moody bass over an undulating groove. Undoubtedly for the floor, but it’s way too short. Such a powerfull track should be at least twice as long.

Last track ‘Robomelo’ has a hard job following ‘Phase 1’ but it rounds off this top-notch futuristic EP adequately and ambiently enough.


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24 August 2003



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