Baselogic Sampler

Baselogic Sampler

Baselogic Sampler

The Baselogic crew have been involved in the electro scene for some time – promoting their own events in Norwich and Brighton, as well as DJing at a range of nights in London including the legendary ‘Wang’. This CD sampler features artists who have been associated with Baselogic over the years, and much of the music comes from their beloved Norfolk.

First up we have 3 tracks from Ed Chamberlain – unsigned and a core member of Baselogic. ‘Shadow of the Beast’ is a mechanical electro track – punchy and fairly minimal – setting the scene for the compilation. ‘The Face in the River’ borrows sounds from the previous track but immediately creates a dark edge with a rumbling kick drum and sinister bleeps. Low sweeping chords add a sense of emotion. This is a very solid track and wouldn’t sound out of place in the RGC catalogue. ‘ST27762K’ continues the theme – an ultra-fast electro number with big bad bass, destined for the dancefloor.

Synapse follows Ed Chamberlain and drops the pace with an untitled head-nodder constructed from big choppy synths and metallic noises. Also unsigned, Synapse won Outline Magazine’s ‘Best Producer’ award. The next track ‘Matrix’ bounces into action with a 2-step rhythm cleverly layered with more grating noises and a warped vocal. Maybe a bit tinny sounding but it’s got a good groove. ‘Cosmoganift Violin’ is a total change in direction – oriental themes nicely combined with an instrumental hip-hop composition.

Scand promoters Cultek follow with a track from their recent 12″ on Touchin’ Bass. ‘Pressure Lock’ is a menacing and atmospheric electro offering that picks up where Ed Chamberlain’s ‘The Face in the River’ left off.

Next we have ‘Fragmatic’ from Sync 24 (one half of Cultek). More dark electro as you’d expect – it squelches, bleeps and buzzes it’s way though a thick electro swap.

Depth follows with 3 tracks of varied electro(nica). Originally a well-respected D&B DJ, Depth now DJs at Scand. Continuing the sinister theme, ‘1998’ drops minimal and precise electro beats with lush synth melodies and heavy synth bass flowing on top, while ‘2 Miles from Home’ takes things in a manic direction with breakbeats and a joyful melody (think Squarepusher’s ‘Big Loada’ EP). Maybe not the most original of compositions but Depth certainly knows how to write a good synth line.

Next, more mayhem in the shape of Miami Beat Alliance’s ‘Skankee Atmos 03’ and Shitmat’s ‘Fern Britton Experience’. ‘Skankee Atmos 03’ contrasts a slow piano line with bouncy gabba breaks and ragga vocal. As the best-known artist on the compilation, Shitmat’s track seems surprisingly derivative – a Sean Paul bootleg/hardcore workout.

The packaging of this compilation also deserves a mention – a complex folded packet with intricate decoration by Japanese design student & origami master nagisa okazawa aka fruitex unltd.

In summary, blag, borrow or steal a copy of this CD – it’s an extremely impressive showcase of tracks, with Baselogic’s Ed Chamberlain definitely being one to watch.

It seems that Baselogic have achieved the impossible – they’ve made origami cool and established Norfolk as a formidable force in electro.


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4 May 2004

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