Bochum Welt – Kissing A Robot Goodbye (Device)

Bochum Welt - Kissing A Robot Goodbye

Bochum Welt - Kissing A Robot Goodbye

‘Kissing A Robot Goodbye’ has a lot to live up to – not only because of the sheer loveliness of Bochum Welt’s previous releases like ‘Feelings On A Screen’ (Rephlex) – but also because the Device label is amassing such a formidable catalogue. Expectations are high and at first listen it’s easy to feel a little disappointed. There was beauty in the simplicity and naivety of their monophonic melodies, which have disappeared from the menu. However, it doesn’t take long to realise that ‘Kissing A Robot Goodbye’ is something pretty special and it’s no bad thing to break from an old formula.

The feeling is subtle and atmospheric – you’re drawn into a cocoon of lush pads and muted beats. The album is mastered by Darrell Fitton aka Bola, which must helped to shape this ambient environment. ‘MVS’, with its hauntingly beautiful pads and rhythmical twinkling noises, is reminiscent of Lexaunculpt’s glitch and gorgeous string compositions, while the tender chords of ‘Telegame’ are evocative of early Boards Of Canada. It’s hard to think of ‘Kissing A Robot Goodbye’ in terms of individual tracks though, as it flows so well as an album.

It’s almost as if Bochum Welt have dismantled their previous output, then stripped back, analysed and refined every component before re-assembling to create this new sound. It’s synthetic but far from sterile, it’s emotive and moving – this is a robot with a heart.


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16 September 2004

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