Bogdan Raczynski – I Will Eat Your Children Too / Renegade Platinum Mega Dance Attack Party: Don the Plates (Rephlex)

These two new bombs from Bogdan Raczynski drop like a ton of industrial strength rave dynamite, taking in all that’s great about Bogdan and blasting it out harder. The EP contains 4 tracks, which also appear on the CD. The CD adds 5 tracks from the hyper-limited ’96 Drum ‘N’ Bass Classixxx’ album, plus some little surprises.

Starting off with two tracks from the new EP, this latest Bogdan material (which is apparently 3 years old!) takes ideas from all of his previous albums, refines and condenses them, and spits them back out as an onslaught of intricate, gorgeous melodies, jungle blast-beats and fragile vocals weaving their way in and out of bastardized synth lines.

The remaining two tracks from the EP follow along the same lines, only bigger, better, faster, louder and more anthemic with distorted synths and sped up samurai vocal samples providing the excitement. One track (untitled, as they all are) is an absolute mega-bang-blast-rave classic, featuring the catchiest hook heard since Agent 30’s ‘5L45H! 4TT4CK! 3NT3R K3Y!’ (and as the standout track from ‘…Classixxx’ it is unsurprising that this also features on the CD).

The remainder of the CD is comprised of more tunes from ‘…Classixxx’. Tracks like ‘Trip To The Boom’ and ‘Ded Diabolical’ are instant anthems built around mental blasting jungle rhythms, bass-lines which span the entire frequency range, and energetic singing/screaming/MCing.

As an extra special treat, if you wait a couple of minutes after track 9, there are some bonus tracks which showcase Bogdan’s more sensitive side, with exquisite melodies riding analogue electro beats showing it’s not all breakneck distorted crazyness.

For those who missed ”96 Drum N Bass Classixxx’ this album and EP are absolutely essential. And for those who already have it, they’re still a must have for the more ambient workouts and mash-up EP tracks.


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20 August 2003



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