Carnevil II – 24 May 2003

A fitting send-off to RaveTap’s warehouse HQ…

To give you a brief idea, the first Carnevil (back in October 2001) was described by an undisclosed source as “The most gloriously bloody affair I have been to for yonks”

Gorefestivalen was bigger, bloodier and bolder than the last. Thanks to Master Atreides for kicking things off in superb style, rinsin’ out the old skool soundz. Suzie Sparkle also on top form played some absolute bass-tastic bangers. Braiken & Bolus played a supreme Back2Back set full of floor shakers and thigh snagers. Paul Blackford kept us rockin with all things ghetto and Saint Acid blew the roof off with a “dirty” old skool bomb.

Aside from the music there was Beat The Queen – a game which wasn’t without its casualties but fun all the same, and also a Tombola (which received a surprisingly lukewarm reception).

Thanks to everyone that made the effort to dress up. Special credit has to go to the following: Saint Acid (he came as himself in all his majesty) + all the Saint Acid Cru (you all looked wicked), Di (as Grottbags – truly hideous, check out the green skin), Caz (as a dead demure lady). Actually, check out the images yo’self and make yo’ own judgments you lazy cunnnnnnnnnnz

Also thanks to Suzie, Caz, Alex and Tommy D who put in a fantastic effort to set-up Unit 9 for this monumental farewell to the now defunct RaveTap HQ.

After all the excitement, the RaveTap cru now take a break til the end of June to let someone else do the mixing for once. The next District gig is 20th June with Delta 9’s Suzie Sparkle making her Robotmusic debut. Also, on 28th June we re-run the fun at Bagleys (Key Club) – for the WIDE Residents Party.

However, if that’s too long to wait for you insatiable rave gannets, Paul Blackford has kindly offered some EXCLUSIVE FREE CD-R’s so you can experience the Bang-Face flava in the privacy of your own home…


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28 May 2003


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