Cursor Miner – The Sport of Kings (Lo Recordings)

On juicy red vinyl this is like a sparkling gem in a sea of mediocrity. The captivating melody is addictive from the start – it builds into what can only be described as an epic track. Glam to the max, Cursor Miner pulls off a Van Halen style guitar solo and borrows rock structures to create an electronic track with a completely new attitude. It may sound like a recipe for disaster but it’s impossible not to like.

‘Grilling The Cheese’ on the flip side is a dancefloor banger – with its pounding beat and pulsing snyths it grabs you and shakes you even harder than ‘The Sport Of Kings’. The tasty breakdowns and sheer melodic force give it massive dancefloor impact – a ‘neo rave’ classic!


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1 July 2004

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