Dedbeat 2002 Round Up


“the never ending tequila banana”

– Caz

“1: Andrew Weatherall.
Showed us that there was absolutely nuthing at all wrong with the dex on friday night. We thought there had been a problem all night coz of the lameness of the mixing. But Weatherall covered all bases and riiiiiiipped it up, Jackin Chicago tech-funk, Booty (do ya wanna rub the pussy, touch the pussy, fuck the pussy?)2step, house, straight-up techno and electro. Real shame there were so few people left at this point. And as a little aside, despite technical ‘itches, Radioactive Man did manage to storm it once more. Those Amens rule

2: Aphex Saturday afternoon.
this was a nice surprise. I couldn’t see exactly what was goin on but it sounded live allright. tin-pot samba anyone??!! lots of extreme funkiness with pots n pans n bongos, then blistering acid techno n breakbeat, and finishing off with all your Jungle classics (babylon dredbass etc…)

3: The Buffet
nuff said

4: Bogdan.
Nutter. Full Stop. Absolutely Storming and possibly the best Rave ever. Wicked atmosphere, best reception all weekend I thought.

5: DMX Krew live esp. his new booty stuff. makes ya grin 🙂

6: Luke Vibert.
How many sets did he play? anyway his first set on sat night was the bomb, and he finished off the night with red hot car.

7: Whoever was playing last in the pool room on sunday. Drexciya, old school rave and finishing off with cut the midrange drop the bass. niiiiice

8: Lots and lots of astounding music, basically, I haven’t included everyone because It’d take too long, but special mention to Ceephax Plaid, Souls of Mischief and Meesrs Weatherall, Tenniswood and Royston in Pool Room on Saturday.

9: A starstruck Welsh twat managing to give the very affable and friendly Chairman some CDs at the Bi-wire stall. Bless ‘im!!!”

– Aled

“Picture of Dixon in the Romper Suit??”

– Scares


“1: security, shame innit. meant i wasn’t gonna leave pulse ranks, for fear of not being able to get back in. not that i had anything dodgy on me tho 😉 I heard that others had a lot of grief tho

2: The Human Body’s nagging sleep requirement.

3: not reporting a missing fridge door when we arrived!! cost us £60 🙁 read the small print next time”

– Aled

“p.s. hey kids don’t mess about with drugs you know nothing about, this is the voice of experience”

– Anon


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28 February 2002

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