Dedbeat 2003 Hits & Misses

RaveTap’s Dedbeat Hits & Misses


Chalets. Much better than “static homes”.
Brother T (Keith Tenniswood) playing Fallout by Paul Blackford followed by Debasser’s Dark Smile as his show-piece – it went off. Also dropping whatever that tune is that goes “I have a dream” – memories from the Complex in Islington back in ’96 were evoked…
Spacious music rooms.
Hellfish’s gabba and Luke Vibert playing tunes by Marvellous Cain.
Haywire on Friday night.
The buffet – especially Saint Acid’s cake, the roast beef, Nicki’s sushi, Dan’s lentil salad, Laura’s couscous, PB’s chicken tikka, Bolus’ egg thing and Dan’s Laura’s friend’s chocolate crispie mars thing.
Sparkle’s Dedbeat debut.
Jonah’s secret yellow monsters and consequent faut-pas with the neighbours!
The (((((((C-R-Y-S-T-A-L – C-L-E-A-R))))))))) soundsystem in the Pulse Ranks.
The (((((((F-U-C-K-I-N-G – L-O-U-D)))))))) soundsystem some cheeksters set up inside and outside their chalet for after hours raving when the Slumpranks closed.
Friendly security – your own booze in the arena.
The games machines – we got an inflatable dinosaur with our tokens – the Nike ring elduded us by a mere 200 tokens!


Political rhetoric that simply HAS to rhyme.
Barstaff that will only serve you if you are directly in front of them and absolutely no more than 1ft away. (Even if you wave, shout and ask another member of staff to alert them to your presence).
The injustice of us Surf City dwellers having to pay nearly a tenner for electricity over the weekend.
Adolescent desperados groping anything they could in the twilight hours of Sat’day morn…
The first 5 badly warbled/operatic screeching minutes of the Venetian Snares.
Rephlex’s Hrvatski – sorry boys but we don’t need another Bogdan/Aphex/Ovuca upstart.
The hot water OR cooker dilema

St Acid’s Dedbeat Pros & Cons


  1. The Saint Acid Cru not realising they were in the DJ quadrangle and playing the Prodigy Experience full blast at the Detroit chalet.
  2. Grant (Rephlex Boss) getting St. Acid in a head-lock and shouting “MINT, LARGE” in his ear.
  3. St. Acid shouting “CEEPHAX” at Ceephax whilst he was walking past with Grant. Then, Mad Jim hearing Grant say “What was all that about?” and Ceephax shrugging his shoulders and saying, dismissively, “Ravers”.
  4. DJ Drexyian Stingray dwarfing Venetian Snares even though he’s 6ft 5. Then telling him to f-off or he’s leaving.
  5. Mike Dred’s Old Skool acid set at 9am on Saturday morning.
  6. Ceephax’s email address. Unfortunately must remain confidential.
  7. The Minotaur walking around with New Order’s 1990 World Cup theme playing full blast on a stereo.
  8. Shannon’s £200 spending spree on records he already owns (Me feelin’ dat).


  1. Mark (St. Acid Cru) breaking his thumb during a breaking session in Chalet 436.
  2. The twat who put an air-raid siren outside our chalet at 7am. Perhaps revenge for the Prodigy?
  3. Pumpkinhead Pie being poisonous.
  4. The fact that we’re no longer there.
  5. HrvTWATski. Although, to be fair he’s on Planet Mu, not Rephlex.
  6. Kelly Barnet’s (aka K-Rok) new barnet.
  7. St. Acid’s bunk-bed.
  8. St. Acid losing his voice and being unable to shout “There’s a rat in my kitchen, what am I gonna do?” during Ceephax’s set

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9 March 2003

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