Various – Delivery Room (Leaf)

Delivery Room

Delivery Room

The concept is simple – an 18 track sampler showcasing Leaf’s forthcoming releases, recent albums, new signings and established artists. Although ‘Delivery Room’ focuses on the middle ground between electronica and traditional instrumentation, its innovative, multi-instrumental tracks steer towards the abstract and quirky.

That stand-out tracks have to be Murof’s ‘Memoria (Sutekh’s Trisagion mix)’ and ‘Una’, and ‘Eclipse’ by Japanese producer Riow Arai. ‘Memoria’ appeared on Murcof’s debut album ‘Martes’ – Sutekh’s remix combines the brooding strings from the original with a more prominent bleepy, glitchy beat. ‘Una’ gives us more mournful strings, accompanied by subdued minimal rhythms and a rumbling kick drum. ‘Eclipse’ keeps it simple – just a nicely chopped phat beat.

Other highlights include: Icarus’ ‘Gong’ – a slow melody punctuated by scratchy, broken strings and a hectic shuffle; ‘ExuMix’ by 310 with its cinematic samples and lovely guitar work; and the delicate piano melody of ‘Alexithymia’ by Gorodisch.

There’s no getting away from Manitoba’s ‘Crayon’ – its Belle & Sebastian style tweeness and endearing melody grate somewhat after being played to death on the T-Mobile ads.

There’s a fair bit of ground covered in this CD; if you’re after something a bit different that’s on the boundaries of electronic music boundaries then ‘Delivery Room’ hits the spot. If you’re strictly sequencers and drum machines then this is probably not for you – get the Murcof album instead.


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6 September 2004

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