DELTA 9 5-A-Side Supercup 2004

There were tears of joy, shame and straightforward physical pain as 8 DELTA 9 affiliated teams battled it out for sporting supremacy at Shoreditch Park. In the interests of equality all teams were mixed. Surprise winners ‘Cut The Mustard’ walked away with the trophy after battling AFC Hyponik in a dramatic final.

Special thanks of course go to Bolus for making it all happen. Here are the results (and some impartial observations):

Cut The Mustard 2 – DELTA 9 1

(dodgy pen given against Joe by ref Bolus 1st Half)

Musical Bear 0 – Inter Avinit 1

(Orange & Blacks open with a solid victory)

Sporting Bangface 3 – Lo Quality 0

(Keit Hat-Trick)

Robots 1 – Hyponik 2

(Dr Foster Levels scores with a well taken penalty only for victory to be snatched by an outrageous penalty decision against Bolus by Ref Aled in final seconds)

CTM 6 – Sporting Bangface 1

(BF opened scoring then Keit scored own goal followed by outstanding performance by Alisdair Watson)

Hyp 6 – Musical Bears 1

(Player of the tournament Ali Watson fills in for injured skipper Matt to inspire a mauling of the Bears)

Lo quality 2 – D9 0

(Arm shattering shot saved by Laura W – save of the tournament – Spiller Steve & Kone R take a goal apiece)

Robots 1 – Int Av – 1

(Dissallowed goal from “Diamond” Dave Astwood robs the Robots of another two points)

Lo Quality 1 – CTM 1

(tense draw)

AFC HYP 1 – Int Av 1

(Draw conveniently sees both teams clear of the group stage)

D9 1 – BF 0(Bang Face “do a Spain”) Team Robot 1 – MB 2(Brave Bears come back from there ugly defeat to eliminate the unlucky robots)
Hyp 2 – LQ – 1 (?) CTM 2 – Int Av – 0 (?)
CTM 4 – Hyp 1

(Penalty miss by Dan alt*Ctrl in no small part to Nicky’s Grobelaar-shaky-knees routine, victory wrapped up by goal of the tournament from CTM’s Dave (?)


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6 August 2004

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