Digitonal – The Centre Cannot Hold (Seed Records)

Digitonal - The Centre Cannot Hold

Digitonal - The Centre Cannot Hold

It’s hard to believe this is only Digitonal’s second proper release – their countless live appearances and 2002 LP ’23: Things Fall Apart’ on Toytronic have made a surprisingly large impact. This EP sees Digitonal team up with vocalist Kirsty Hawkshaw – best known for her appearances on Orbital’s ‘Halcyon’ and Opus 3’s ‘It’s A Fine Day’ – on the opening track ‘Maris Stella’. Ms Hawkshaw’s vocals are layered over lushly produced strings and synths to create deep and brooding melodies.

‘Snowflake Vectors’ (which appeared on the Seed Volume 1 compilation) delves into a bouncier terrain with rich harmonies reminiscent of their Toytronic release, while Samy Bishai’s violins add an edgy, more melancholic sound to ‘Cantus V’ and ‘Amberkreiss’.

Beautifully executed from start to finish – looking forward to an LP!



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1 October 2004

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