Donnacha Costello – Orange (Minimise)

This garish installment of the Colorseries sees Donnacha combine his trademark minimal house and techno output with broader electronic influences. On the A side we have a fresh and bouncy composition – the underlying click-house beat remains, and the synth sounds are familiar but Donnacha uses them to create playful melodies that now take centre stage.

On the flip things kick off in a more typical fashion with a chunky beat and deliciously reverbed bassline. As on the A side, melodic elements soon take over, but this time they’re simple, layered, three note structures. The production is impeccable as always – my only gripe with this track would be that the melodies don’t fulfil expectations laid-down by the lush bassline – it would have been nice to take it somewhere deeper.


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1 August 2004

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