Kettel – Look At This! Ha Ha Ha! (Kracfive)

Kettel - Look At This! Ha Ha Ha!

Kettel - Look At This! Ha Ha Ha!

Reimer Eising AKA Kettel returns to Kracfive Records with a seven track EP after several releases on UK labels Neo Ouija and Planet Mu.

‘Reim Doesn’t’ opens the EP with a jumbled mass of instruments, scratches, off-key notes and strange samples. The track is heavily textured and upbeat but takes on a more mournful tone halfway through when a deeper, rich melody evolves from the previous turmoil.

‘Twinkle Twinkle That Is You’ begins with buzzing insect sounds, reminiscent of the strange creatures that adorn the cover of the EP. An almost Four Tet-esque piano melody cut-up is layered with a jingly synth line and melodic loops creating subtle textures and warmth.

‘Guru Lost Riddle’ is a contrast to previous tracks with its fast pounding beats and heavily mangled melody. Bit-crushed stabs, grating upbeat chords and chaotic samples (trainspotters will identify immediately) make this a very hectic track that gains more direction towards the end.

The final two tracks wind the EP down, and have a less frenzied and more ‘electronic’ feel. The lush pads, glitchy rhythms and layering of melodies make ‘Philiphill Timee’ the most similar to Kettel’s previous work, while the background noise and distorted vocals also tie it in with the rest of the EP.

‘Hero Max’ is the most mysterious and perhaps subtle track. It has winding and complex melodies and sparkling synth sounds, very much in a Plaid vein. Occasional squelchy noises and understated beats complete the mood.

Overall this is a strange EP and probably too messy and unorthodox to get as much attention from the electronic community as Kettel’s Planet Mu releases. Kettel has used this release to experiment with new textures. It’s not particularly easy to listen to in places, neither is it challenging in an abstract sense – however, it has some lovely melodic elements which shine through the chaos.


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26 November 2003

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