LJ Kruzer – Miami Nooch (Uncharted Audio)

LJ Kruzer - Miamo Nooch

LJ Kruzer - Miamo Nooch

Picture the scene – waves breaking on the bay, soft white sands, a blue lagoon… if Plaid were sipping their free drinks under the palms at Club Tropicana then this is what would be playing at the bar. LJ Kruzer has shaken up dreamy poppy sounds from the last two decades with a double measure of modern electronica to create the timeless cocktail that is ‘Miami Nooch’.

It starts off with a lush, wistful melody which is soon joined by a beat evocative of Tears For Fears’ rousing 80s anthems. Delicate vocoded vocals add sparkle to the bouncy rhythms. Although cowbells and claps sound a bit like a Casio keyboard bossa nova demo, this track is too stylish to sound kitsch. It’s upbeat enough to be a hit on the dancefloor but the catchy synths ensure you’ll want to play this over and over again.

On the flip of this dinky 7″ we have ‘Schloopergloo’ – a quiet affair with subtle twinkling melodies that slowly builds to a crescendo. It ends softly as it started with a tender piano solo.

It’s an exciting time for Uncharted Audio, who continue to bring us refreshing electronic sounds from promising artists like LJ Kruzer; Miami Nooch is only his second solo release. It’s all backed up with solid live performances, so no doubt there’s plenty more where this came from.


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24 June 2004

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