Lo-Bot Music – 3 June 2004

Unbelievable to think that this was Lowfish’s first ever UK gig – a sign of the times if ever there was one that London’s electronic music fans are all to often fobbed off with substandard nights with the same old tired guests. Unfortunately it is a sad reality that the majority of venues and promoters are only interested in the money side and that more time and thought isn’t put into booking guests. As a result it’s left up to the enthusiasts to front their own money in order to put on the artists that they really want to see. Everyone is guilty of being slack and not turning up to quality nights but it’s a case of there being so many nights on yet very little in the way of quality. Come on ravers, bring on the Robot Renaissance!

The guest of honour – Lowfish – mainly played tracks from his recent album 1000 Corrections Per Second (Suction Records). From the melodic Fric Frac to the intricate tones of Air Of Supremacy and the haunting title track from the album. The culmination was the techno assault of Photo Distintegration and the dynamite that is Around The Neck. I think I also heard Dark Matter from The Accident Causer (Ersatz Audio) but I could be wrong! Melodic, haunting, intricate, banging – that’s the Lowfish live set.

I’m sure everyone who was there will agree that Lowfish played an awesome set on Thursday – a real treat. Just a shame there weren’t more people there to appreciate it – you really did miss out.

Long time Robot Music guest and friend Paul Blackford, played a much-anticipated set showcasing his new musical direction. Not a million miles away from the old skool tinged/bass heavy sound lifted from the 1991 EP but showing a more forward-thinking and electro-orientated approach.

Ever the showman, Cursor Miner – obviously inspired by the artwork for his new album Cursor Miner Plays God (Lo Recordings) – shared the stage with a rather attractive ‘synthetic lady’. The highlights had to be Library, Sport Of Kings, Grillin’ The Cheese, War Machine plus his blinding version of Alone, Together by The Strokes.

Providing tactical DJ support were Robot Music residents Braiken, Smilex and Bolus, plus the Lo Recordings sound system.


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4 June 2004


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