Mathew Jonson – Behind the Mirror (Sub Static)

Attracting praise from the likes of Richie Hawtin and Laurent Garnier (and anyone who’s heard the MP3 live set that’s currently doing the rounds) Mathew Jonson is definitely one of Techno’s rising stars.

‘Behind The Mirror’s layered synths and heavy bass create an involved and complex soundscape. Jonson’s clean, crisp production keeps things coherent and gives this melodic composition massive dancefloor impact. ‘Behind The Mirror’ captures the lushness of Orbital’s brown album – but with a dark, contemporary edge.

On the B side, ‘Folding space’ is a more minimal offering that further demonstrates Jonson’s technical ability. The mood is edgy but overall more restrained than ‘Behind The Mirror’. Bleepy ambience is held together by a strong 4×4 beat, while a long build up to a hypnotic filtered synth melody creates a dramatic sense of anticipation.

Mathew Jonson will be performing his sumptuous techno creations at Haywire’s 9th birthday session on 17th September – not to be missed!


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1 August 2004

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