New Order – Acid House Mixes by 808 State (1988) (Rephlex)

New Order - Acid House Remixes by 808 State (1988)

New Order - Acid House Remixes by 808 State (1988)

The latest release from Rephlex is a rediscovered pair of remixes from Acid House godfathers 808 State. This is Rephlex continuing to bring the lost music of yesteryear to the masses – what they began with the release of the Black Devil EPs, Rephlex are pushing further with this release. And it makes for interesting listening…

The ‘So Hot Mix’ of Blue Monday is a 303-laden remix of New Order’s timeless track. A new mix of this track is always worth a listen and this is no exception. It sounds light on bass by today’s standards but still bears up to multiple playthroughs. The production is unmistakably 808 State and it still sounds fresh despite being 20 years old. Always a classic track and this mix will be sure to draw widespread appeal.

The ‘Acid House Mix’ of Confusion is perhaps the more interesting track on this 12″. I’m not familiar with the original track (again by New Order) but the remix has a meaty synth line which is looped more-or-less throughout, whilst the acid line bubbles teasingly below the surface.

Overall – a “must have” for acid house fans and a welcome first airing of remixes from the 808 State archive.


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