Paul Blackford – 1992 (Wide)

Paul Blackford - 1992

Paul Blackford - 1992

The first track sets the standard and pace of things to come – the dramatically titled ‘Fist Of The North Star’ is certainly one for the dancefloor. If you’ve seen Paul play out recently you will instantly recognise this – it is Radioactive Man/RGC style electrobassbreaks – stripped down, dirty and uncompromising. Vintage Blackford.

‘Dub Conspiracy’ is the nod to the old skool that the EP’s title alludes to. The next track ‘Simple Things’ starts off understated and hooks you in with interesting changes based around a single loop. ‘Hijack’ responds with more energy, bouncing basslines and sirens with Paul’s special recipe to bring it bang up to date.

‘Microcosm’ sees a change in direction with a much richer analogue sound and a lovely staccato beat roll. The old skool sensibilities of the previous tracks are replaced with precision electronics not dissimilar to the darker Lowfish/Solvent/Suction Recs output.

The 1992 EP is a progession from the 1991 EP, rather than being a continuation of the same theme. The old skool references are still there but so are other more intricate and varied influences.

Paul has released a lot of stuff on Net Labels recently (Audio Aubergine andElectrotoxic) and much of it is free to download. Check out for latest releases, news and MP3s.


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