Posthuman – Lagrange Point (Seed Records)

Posthuman - Lagrange Point

Posthuman - Lagrange Point

Despite appearing on the revered ‘SMAK’ series, touring Europe with Spezial Material, and their first LP (on own label Seed) now being a collectors’ item – Posthuman have maintained a lower profile than label mate Ardisson. ‘Lagrange Point’ is sure to focus the limelight on Posthuman.

Posthuman have been known to poke a finger at an electronic music industry that takes itself far too seriously. Although they’ve obviously had some fun with the track names this is a serious and substantial album. In musical terms it’s a progression from previous material – their intricate drum programming is now mirrored by more complex melodical structures.

Opener ‘Purgatory’ is a stunning track – exuding subtlety with its delicately vocoded vocals flowing alongside rippling bass, while lingering melodies and awkwardly jittering beats create a sense of tension which is carried through to the rest of the album.

‘Purgatory’ is followed by ‘Woman In The Bath’ – a watery, haunting and evocative pause before you’re hit by the powerful, menacing rhythms of ‘Walking From The Gallows’. Again, its melodies are subtle and ominous.

‘Burning Gods City’ is suitably dark and unnerving. It’s metronomical and robotic, a slow yet threatening track, showing off Posthuman’s discipline.

The next few tracks provide a break from the unease of the rest of the album – ‘Both Love And Fear’ is a softly meandering downtempo affair with precise yet understated beat patterns and gentle vocals. ‘As Old As The Waterfall’ is a graceful track – its lush, tender synth line and buried vocals evolve into something more punchy and immediate. ‘The Skull’ starts out as sparse but builds with unexpected eastern echoes and a warm vocal, complemented again by meticulous drum programming and restrained melodies.

The track ‘Lagrange Point’ brings the album to an apprehensive finish, making reference to the tension created in earlier tracks with its sinister melodies and icy rhythms.

Posthuman have created an extremely evocative album, ‘Lagrange Point’ conjures up sinister, cold, misty, dark imagery but it’s also calm and flowing with its cohesiveness and subtle progression. This is a very fresh sounding and original collection of tracks. It’s refreshing to hear an electronic act that haven’t gone down the obvious glitch or 2-step route, but have instead developed their own unique sound.


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20 October 2003

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