Psi Spy – Bake ‘n’ Bite EP (Pyramid Transmissions)

Rex the Dog - Frequency

Rex the Dog - Frequency

The rather gushing press release on this little EP extols the virtues of the ‘Grime’- flavoured first tune, which is more than a little misleading…

Point 1: The first track, ‘Locked’, isn’t Grime by any stretch of the imagination, and neither are any of the other tunes. What it is however, is competent 2-step-inflected electro in a Si Begg-only-not-quite-as-good sort of way. The sort of thing you’d give a spin if people were dancing, but nothing really to write home about.

Point 2: The focus on the slightly dubious Grime credentials of the EP disguise the fact that the first tune on the ‘B’ side, ‘Grayam’, is a sodding IMMENSE slow-paced jacking acidic electro juggernaut of a tune, ultra-funky and sounding like it was left off Luke Vibert’s Warp LP from last year for being too DAMN GOOD.

The rest of the side’s tunes carry on this direction in admirable style – fantastic, straight-up 303 action that forgets fashion and just gets straight on with the business of ripping it up. Great stuff.


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15 October 2004



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