RaveTap presents Robot Music – 21 February 2003

9-10 = Cutlass Supreme (Wide)
10-11 = DJ Smilex
11-12 = Paul Blackford (Breakin’ Records) LIVE!!
12-1 = DJ’s Braiken & Bolus performing as ‘Oslo House Allstarz’ – back2back

Maximum respect to everyone that turned up to our first official Robot Music at the District on Friday. It was a strange night for many reasons but the ultimate consensus was… “Boisannin!” Thanks to those who stayed and thanks for those who tried – the Machine loves you all very dearly. Here’s what happened:

Wide’s notorious DJ Cutlass Supreme set things off with a set crammed full of electro classix. He left the booty in his record bag and let rip one of the best sets that man or machine has heard him play. He certainly got the heads nodding in the first hour of RM0001…

Smilex took to the turntables next and served the crowd a dollop of quitessential ‘lex. There was an underlying fury in his set that night as he slashed up booty with electro and bass. It was his first set since the severence of his ties with Big Booty and I have truly never seen him play better. A prime example of why Smilex is THE DJ to watch this year. What better way to warm up for….

Paul Blackford LIVE! What a rush! Anyone who’s heard Paul’s forthcoming ‘1991’ EP on Breakin’ Records SHOULD have been at the District on Friday. If you haven’t heard it yet – you’re gonna kick your sorry self when you do. If anyone is at the forefront of the UK Bass scene then surely it’s PB – “Imagine Aux 88 locked in a suburban UK bedroom with a few Dream FM tapes from 1992 and you might get the idea”. Every track was a pure thrill – not cheap ones either, but those really classy ones you get when you’re snorting caviar from a supermodel’s jewel-encrusted nipple. It was great to watch Paul going mental behind his laptop as he laid-off banger after banger after banger until he could do nothing else but collapse in a mess of wires and micro-processors once his set was over.

It only took a couple of tracks from Jimmy Bolus & Braiken to rejuvinate him, however, and he was back raving like a madman. Dressed in technologically-enhanced Burbury caps, the 2 DJ’s from round-the-way took the crowd on a wacked-out journey from throbbing electro city straight up the 4:4 to 2-step central and then through the elec-tech finish line. Did someone say, “BO!”?

So before we knew it, we were at the end of the night. It was time to carry on the festivities at 333, where Cutlass Supreme and the rest of the Wide crew were showing the Old Street cronies what the words UK BASS really mean. Explanations alas end here, when the RaveTap crew experienced an alco-system shutdown until the cold hard light of Saturday morning became a painful reality.

Thanks again to everyone – Wide, PB and everyone who attended. Hope to see you all at the next one – 21st March, when we’ll be serving you something “a little bit different”. Details to follow…


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23 February 2003

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