Rex the Dog – Frequency (Kompakt)

Hot on the heels of his first 12″ comes this new offering, and it continues to stake out dangerous territory. Dangerous because, by rights this record should be utter rubbish – it’s completely unashamed, hands-in-the-air electro-house that would quite probably go down a storm at any number of dodgy house nights up and down the country. But somehow it manages to be completely brilliant, mainly (like its predecessor) through mounting the arpeggiated synths, claps, squeals and 4/4 kicks on a substructure of uncompromisingly tough, dry sound – shearing away all of the lazy percussion, reverb, buildups and related guff which make bad dance music so tiresome to listen to, and replacing it with a defiantly experimental attitude, clever edits, and fantastic little twists in the rhythm – check the little break about 30 seconds from the end. At its heart this is fun party music in the vein of Bangkok Impact, and there just isn’t enogh of that around at the moment in my book.

The B-side mines similarly camp territory – imagine New Order updated and shorn of the guitars, glammed-up and at a slightly seedy gay disco.


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15 October 2004



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