Robot Music: Rise of the Machines

Jimmy Bolus

Jimmy Bolus

Thanks to everyone that came down on one of the hottest days of the year to represent the Robot. It was an entertaining and slightly over-warm evening of electro & beer. We celebrated two birthdays – those of Debb (Cheshunt Cru) and Henrietta (FemTap) and mourned the absence of the Sisters Reeves who might as well have built the RaveBot themselves (now residing in Prague – the city widely acknowledged as the birthplace of the robot – read Karel Capek’s 1921 play Rossum’s Universal Robots).

Tim Competent kicked the evening off with a refreshing set consisting of electro, house and techno – skillfully mixed with some old favourites in there as well as the latest bangers. Expect big things from Robot Music’s newest associate.

Next up came Braiken with a new direction – traditional electro merged with Techno/House and 21st Century bleep.

Bolus was next – pioneering the Step-Tech sound and reminding the punters that it’s still fresh the way Jimmy B serves it.

Smilex wrapped up the evening with a banging blend of techno, electro and booty floorshakers. The perfect antidote to a hot & sweaty bar in the depths of Essex Road.

All in all a successful evening for all involved – fun from start to finish and no stray bullets to moan about. If you didn’t make it down then you’ll just have to keep wondering what might have been – Robot Music will not be returning to this venue. Why? Because we’ve got bigger fish to fry.

Watch this space.


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13 August 2003


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