Sónar 2004


– Bumper cars at Sonar night – couldn’t get enough of it. Biggest high – realising bumper car token hadn’t dropped in, so getting a free go.

– Touching Guru’s damp vest and nearly managing to steal it from the bag of the person who caught it.

– Dancing in the sun and dancing outside! hurray!

– Saturday night – David Caretta (live), DJ Hell and DJ Tiga.

– Apparat @ Sónar Day – one of the few live acts who really made an effort – lush, crunchy and banging with great visuals.

– The ‘Bulbes’ installation being much more interesting than it sounded – a grid of giant 1kw bulbs that generated different sounds in random patterns.

– The lovely clean empty beach away from the city centre.


– Running for a bumper car only to find they were all taken by people quicker than us. Having to do the walk of shame back to the side.

– Almost catching Guru’s vest but missing out by a whisker.

– 400 metre queue to enter sonar by day. Missing Billy Nasty.

– Even more time spent queueing for everything once inside.

– Too much corporate sponsorship, Sónar is becomming way too commercial.

– Label showcases dominating the lineup – get back to booking decent acts on their own merit!

– Multimedia installations and interative stuff being replaced by an uninspiring art exhibition.

– Pissing rain on Saturday afternoon.

– Braving the rain for Four Tet’s disappointing ‘live’ set which ended the day festival on Saturday – lot’s of poncing about with distortion on a laptop, not much decent music.

– More lows than there should be!

By Deb, Adam, Alex R & Suzie




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24 June 2004

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