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With a dozen rammed nights under their belts, Kinky Voodoo have decided to take a break to concentrate on both the fledgling Girl Records label and some of other residencies and one or two special one-offs. Massive respect to John P for making Spectrum the legendary night that it has become.

Over the past year, Kinky Voodoo – those “machine pop specialists” (the Guardian) have been providing a blast of acid fried electro goodness to London’s west end on a monthly basis, and travelled to Brussels to spread the sweetness further afield. Residents John P, Stuart P and DELTA 9’s very own Suzie Sparkle have been joined by the likes of Ed DMX, Strictly Kev, Cylob, Maddog Wallace, Cursor Miner and Kone-R.

Here’s what Sleazenation had to say about Spectrum:

‘Spectrum ZX: Machine Pop Specialists taking over London’s Asylum once a month with weird electro twelves, brutal acid tracks and even the odd bit of dancehall and hip-hop. If the shit fits, wear it – and Spectrum wears it well. Cylob, NagNagNag’s Fil OK, Ed DMX and Maddog Wallace have all guested recently. Find out why.’

SPECTRUM ZX12 – Friday 4 April 2003

Part wake, part party, Spectrum celebrated a year of being London’s premier Machine Pop night and said farewell to The Asylum. Resident DJs John Power & Suzie Sparkle hosted a free-for-all on the decks. Big ups to all who seized the opportunity for their 15 mins of fame including Cylob (who came armed with a world premier of the new Aphex), and Paul Blackford and his Staines ghetto MCs. Suzie Sparkle was joined by DJ Smilex (RaveTap/DELTA 9) back2back with some bass-heavy crowd-pleasers for what was described as “the best set of the night”.

LINEUP: John Power (Kinky Voodoo), Suzie Sparkle (DELTA 9) and a load of punters!

SPECTRUM ZX11 – Friday 7 March 2003

Absolutely phenomenal – Strictly Kev blew everyone away with a thrash metal/acid mash-up that was simply unrivalled… and that was after the dancefloor had taken a severe battering from Paul Blackford’s ghetto tech & rave assault.

LINEUP: Strictly Kev (Ninjatune), John Power (kinky voodoo), Stuart P (Don’t Fake the Funk), Suzie Sparkle (DELTA 9)

SPECTRUM ZX10 – Friday 7 February 2003

What a stormer it was too. Quality music and even some Sparkle birthday cake for the lucky ones. Massive respect to guests: Geezers Palace, Kone R, LJ Kruzer and Council Flats of Kingsbury.

LINEUP: GEEZER’S PALACE, LJ Kruzer (uncharted audio) Live! Council Flats of Kingsbury (uncharted audio) Live! Kone-R (uncharted audio), John Power (kinky voodoo), Suzie Sparkle (DELTA 9).

SPECTRUM ZX09 – Friday 3 January 2003

Spectrum returned to Asylum for the first outing of 2003, and what a night it was. It seems that no-one can have partied that hard on new years eve as 4 days later the Spectrum crowd were out in force with their raving shoes on and firmly fastened. Stuart warmed up with his usual smooth blend of electro classics, soul, and some irresistibly funky hip-hop. Sparkle then stepped up with some twisted dancefloor gems, from Salt n’ Pepa to Kid Spatula, held together with Spectrum electro glue. Next up was Tomm, dropping full-on oldskool jungle – defiantly appreciated by the more energetic punters! John P closed the night with acid house and spectrum favourites. ZX09 was defiantly enjoyed by all – the bar staff had such a good time the DJs even got the odd free drink!

LINEUP: TomM (Global TOMination), John Power (Kinky Voodoo), Suzie Sparkle (DELTA 9), Stuart P (Don’t Fake the Funk).

SPECTRUM ZX08 – Friday 6th December 2002

LINEUP: Fil OK (Nag Nag Nag), John Power (Kinky Voodoo), Suzie Sparkle (DELTA 9), Stuart P (Don’t Fake the Funk)

SPECTRUM ZX07 – Friday 1st November 2002

LINEUP: Maddog Wallace (REPHLEX), John Power (Kinky Voodoo), Aled vs. DJ Smilex (3 hour back to back Delta-9/Ravetap soundclash).


Special 6 month anniversary featuring “The Droyds”, with celebratory acid house cakes! Who are The Droyds? Well in their own words- “The Droyds – a nineteen year old Nicole Kidman lookalike and two robots mashing up Squeeze and landing Duran Duran in a pill factory.” Also at ZX06: Rare DELTA 9 back2back session – DJ Smilex and Suzie Sparkle.

LINEUP: The Droyds (God Made Me Hardcore), John P (Kinky Voodoo), Stuart P (Don’t Fake the Funk), Puk Man, Sparkle v Smilex (DELTA 9 soundclash)


The Spectrum crew decided to spread some sonic goodness further afield and headed off to Brussels to appear at Homegrown on 26th September. John P took control of the decks at around midnight after a very classy set by acid jazz bad New Daily, throwing down some funk and hip-hop classics. Suzie and Stuart then got their hands dirty with some more classics and abstract breaks to prepare the crowd for the marathon 6 hour back2back2back mash-up of electronics, techno and DnB that took place. In spite of all 3 DJs flaking out from sheer exhaustion at some point during the night they kept an unfamiliar crowd bouncing all night and pleeding for more music when the plug was finally pulled at 6am. A hugely successful night and hopefully the first of many. Further European dates for the Spectrum team are in the pipeline.

LINEUP: New Daily (live Band), John P (Kinky Voodoo), Stuart P (Don’t Fake the Funk), Suzie Sparkle (DELTA 9)


Spectrum returned to the Asylum in September for ZX05, we proudly welcomed cofounder of Rephlex Records and acid house specialist Maddog “Cougar” Wallace down to spin some of that proper braindance business the kids can’t get enough of these days. Taking control of the heaving mass that was Friday night’s dancefloor, he delivered a full-on acid onslaught that left the sweaty crowd gasping for more – a legend and a top bloke to boot! Stuart P started the proceedings with an exceptionally groovy and slick mixed bag, and John P ended the night with some Spectrum favourites.

LINEUP: H.R.H Maddog “Cougar” Wallace (Rephlex), John P (Kinky Voodoo), Suzie Sparkle (DELTA 9), Stuart P (Don’t Fake the Funk)


Onwards and Upwards for the small but perfectly formed Spectrum night. Spectrum regulars and machine pop specialists John Power & Suzie Sparkle were Uncharted Audio bossman Kone-R, and rising star of the electro-pop scene Cursor Miner, whose debut album on Lo Recordings has just been released to near universal acclaim.

LINEUP: Cursor Minor (Lo/Uncharted Audio) – Live! Kone-R (Uncharted Audio), John P (Kinky Voodoo), Suzie Sparkle (DELTA 9)


This time the residents entertained the writhing masses at the busiest night yet, proving you don’t need big names to put on a proper party.

LINEUP: John-P (Kinky Voodoo), Suzie Sparkle (DELTA 9) Stuart P (Don’t Fake the Funk)


Kinky Voodoo hosted another night of musical debauchery starring the heartthrob and grand master of Electro-Pop and Booty Bass… Ed DMX!

LINEUP: DJs Ed DMX (Breakin’/DMX Krew), John-P (Kinky Voodoo), Stuart-P (Don’t Fake the Funk), Sparkle (DELTA 9)


SPECTRUM ZX kicked off with headliner Cylob delivering a set that will certainly go down in electronic bouncy history, though quite a few of the tunes he selected had been aired earlier in the night by Sparkle 😉

LINEUP: DJs CYLOB (Rephlex), John P, Suzie Sparkle, Kid Cortina


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