Squarepusher – Venus No. 17 (Warp)

At first ‘Venus No. 17’ seems comparatively straightforward – a bass-heavy breakbeat outing with silly sirens. However, it rapidly evolves as Squarepusher weaves his complex rhythmical web and brings in an intriguing melody with an eastern vibe. The track crescendos with snare roll mayhem before dropping back to the original break.

Next up we have a spazzed out ragga jungle rendering of the title track – ‘Venus No. 17 Acid Mix’. A suitably rude bassline is accompanied by a broad acid melody, and there’s more than a hint of AFX in the breakdown.

On the flip side is ‘Tundra 4’ – a rework from Squarepusher’s first album – ‘Feed Me Weird Things’. Lo-fi minor chords evoke an eerie mood reminiscent of the haunting original. A simple acid line and jungle break build to controlled chaos, and the track continues to evolve throughout the 12 minutes. ‘Tundra 4’ really show’s off Squarepusher’s ability to subtly move poignant to frenetic – classic stuff.


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1 August 2004

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