The Messiah Complex – Fever (We Are Your Friends)

The Messiah Complex - Fever

The Messiah Complex - Fever

Described as a 21st century rework of Peggy Lee’s classic ‘Fever’ – this by rights should be really terrible record, as it turns out it’s just about passable. With an organic drum sound à la LCD Soundsystem and vocoded robot, it nearly pulls it off, but the melody is weak and isn’t helped by a cheesy synth guitar sound. The Evils remix has a nice groove – the ‘clash kids will like it, but the Culprit One mix is pure awful – real nasty hands in the air stuff.

The only credible cover of ‘Fever’ I’ve heard is Susan Cadogan & The Upsetters’ dub version. A brave attempt by The Messiah Complex, but the nicest thing that can be said about it is that it could be worse.

Released 25th October 2004


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1 October 2004

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