Underpass – Multistorey EP

Underpass - Multistory EP

Underpass - Multistory EP

A strong debut for both Cardiff based producer Lee Marshall aka Underpass and Urban Planning Records. The EP begins with ‘Battle’ – a heavy bass scuffles with discordant melodies and an electro beat. ‘Automatic’ – with crazy bass sounds and grinding kick drum – writhes like a malfunctioning assembly robot.
Everything changes on the flip side as Underpass introduces lush textures and bleeps in the gorgeous title track. More abstract than electro but retaining a Detroit influenced beat. ‘Vent’ enters a more hostile setting with dark, looming melodies and metallic noises.

Whether you’re after glitched-up electronics or off-centre floor shakers this is pure quality – check it out!

Released: 6th December 2004



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