Wagon Christ – Sorry I Make You Lush (Ninja Tune)

Wagon Christ - Sorry I Make You Lush

Wagon Christ - Sorry I Make You Lush

So Luke Vibert’s back again, this time under his Wagon Christ guise – initially an output for the seductively subtle hip-hop sentiments flaunted in the 1995 Throbbing Pouch LP. The Wagon Christ sound then metamorphosed into the bouncy and eclectic compositions of Tally Ho in 1998 and Musipal – his first album on Ninja – in 2001. Along the way Luke’s assimilated everything from acid to ambient and retained that quirkiness and wit that’s always been his edge on the competition.

‘Sorry I Make You Lush’ is blissful, dreamy and squeaky-clean from start to finish. ‘Shadows’, the first single to be taken from the album, ticks all the right boxes with its lush strings, cute squelchy synth melody and heavily reverbed vocal. The joyful mood changes when an incredibly nice bit of sub-bass kicks in to give the track a sinister edge.

The rumbling bass returns in ‘Sci Fi Staircase’ along with a small dose of acid. It’s the title track though, that really demonstrates Luke’s 303 skills – his fresh, crisp sounds make certain acid producers look like amateurs.

‘Kwikwidetrax’ cleverly builds anticipation with a fast paced kick-drum that unexpectedly turns into a fat hip-hop break, fortified by catchy melodies and endearing samples, presumably of Luke’s kids, making this the most memorable song on the album.

Musically, the tracks on ‘Sorry I Make You Lush’ don’t shine as brightly as some of the classics on Tally Ho – the thing that makes this leap out is the faultless production. It is truly breathtaking, his subtlety and bass manipulation rival anything that’s coming out of the minimal techno field right now. Without a doubt Luke has set standards few will be able to match.


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3 June 2004

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